Oerlikon - UNIVEX 350 / EPVD75 Kurt J. Lesker

Oerlikon photograph

E-beam/Thermal Evaporator for single or multiple layer thin film growth

Offered as External Service
Research group

What we can offer:

  • High quality metallic coatings.

  • Possibility to coat a wide variety of substrates, glass, silicon, polymers...


  • Improve the mechanical properties of materials (hardness, corrosion, wear, friction, adhesion...)

  • Anti-reflecting coatings

  • Biocompatible coatings

  • Decorative coatings

  • Standard fabrication for coating systems calibration

  • Multilayers for sensing and metrology

Interesting for (with the system):

Solar cell industry, biotech, off-shore industry, glass coatings, microelectronics and microsystems, automotive industry, iron ad steel industry, metallurgy, machine tool manufacturers...

Technical characteristics
  • Multi pocket e-beam and thermal evaporation.
  • Deposited thickness control by quartz crystal monitor.
  • Deposition pressure of 10-6 - 10-7 mbar.
  • Sample holder: 4” compatible and possibility to heat up to 350 °C
External services type
CR4 - Deposition Bay
External services title
E-Beam and thermal evaporation