Oerlikon - UNIVEX 350 / EPVD75 Kurt J. Lesker

Oerlikon photograph
Offered as External Service

E-beam/Thermal Evaporator for single or multiple layer thin film growth

Research group
Technical characteristics
  • Multi pocket e-beam and thermal evaporation.
  • Deposited thickness control by quartz crystal monitor.
  • Deposition pressure of 10-6 - 10-7 mbar.
  • Sample holder: 4” compatible and possibility to heat up to 350 °C
CR4 - Deposition Bay


The nanoGUNE cleanroom, dedicated to fabricate and characterize the properties of materials on the nanoscale, ia a 300m2 laboratory where the air purity is under strict supervision.


State-of-the-art equipment, including electron and scanning-tunneling microscopes, as well as other nanofabrication and characterization tools, are managed by specialists and used by researchers from a wide variety of fields.