UHV Sputtering System (AJA Int.)

UHV Sputtering System (AJA Int.)

We have two UHV Magnetron Sputtering system for high quality single or multiple layer thin film growth, one in the cleanroom and another one in the Deposition Laboratory.


Offered as External Service
Research group

What we can offer:

  • High quality metallic, dielectric or insulating coatings.

  • Possibility to coat a wide variety of substrates, glass, silicon, polymers...


  • Improve the mechanical properties of materials (hardness, corrosion, wear, friction, adhesion...)

  • Anti-reflecting coatings

  • Biocompatible coatings

  • Decorative coatings

  • Standard fabrication for coating systems calibration

  • Multilayers for sensing and metrology

Interesting for (with the system):

Solar cell industry, biotech, off-shore industry, glass coatings, microelectronics and microsystems, automotive industry, iron ad steel industry, metallurgy, machine tool manufacturers...

Technical characteristics
  • Confocal 7 magnetron sputtering guns (DC / RF)
  • RF bias available
  • Base pressure 10-8 Torr
  • Sample holder: 4” compatible and possibility to heat (up to 850 °C) or cool the sample (liquid nitrogen cooler)
  • Reactive gasses: nitrogen and oxygen


External services type
CR4 - Deposition Bay
External services title
Sputtering System