High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM)

High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscope photograph
Offered as External Service
Research group
Technical characteristics
  • High tension: 60 kV – 300 kV
  • High-brightness XFEG gun
  • Point resolution 0.08 nm
  • Imaging side Cs corrector
  • Detectors: HAADF detector (Fishione), BF, ADF and HAADF detectors (Gatan)
  • Pre- and post- GIF 2 k x 2 k CCD ultrascan cameras (Gatan)
  • EDX RTEM (EDAX) detector for x-ray analysis
  • Lorentz lens
  • Biprism
  • Possibility to heat the sample in-situ (up to 1200 ºC)


The nanoGUNE cleanroom, dedicated to fabricate and characterize the properties of materials on the nanoscale, ia a 300m2 laboratory where the air purity is under strict supervision.


State-of-the-art equipment, including electron and scanning-tunneling microscopes, as well as other nanofabrication and characterization tools, are managed by specialists and used by researchers from a wide variety of fields.