Nanodevices - Journal - Advanced Electronic Materials

1. J. Pawlak, W. Skowronski, P. Kuswik, M. Gajewska, F. Casanova and M. Przybylski
Advanced Electronic Materials , (2023)
Spin Hall Induced Magnetization Dynamics in Multiferroic Tunnel Junction

2. S. Shi, Z. Sun, X. Liu, A. Bedoya-Pinto, P. Graziosi, H. Yu, W. Li, G. Liu, L. Hueso, V. Dediu and M. Fahlman
Advanced Electronic Materials 4, 1800077 (2018)
11,11,12,12-Tetracyanonaphtho-2,6-quinodimethane in Contact with Ferromagnetic Electrodes for Organic Spintronics

3. A. Bedoya-Pinto, H. Prima-Garcia, F. Casanova, E. Coronado and L. Hueso
Advanced Electronic Materials 1, 1500065 (2015)
Spin-Polarized Hopping Transport in Magnetically Tunable Rare-Earth Quinolines