Nanomaterials - Journal - RSC Advances

1. I. Azpitarte, G. Botta, C. Tollan and M. Knez
RSC Advances 10, 15976 (2020)
SCIP: a new simultaneous vapor phase coating and infiltration process for tougher and UV-resistant polymer fibers
Copyright of the Royal Society of Chemistry

2. L. Yate, L. Coy, G. Wang, M. Beltran, E. Diaz-Barriga, E. Saucedo, M. Ceniceros, K. Zaleski, I. Llarena, M. Moeller and R. Ziolo
RSC Advances 4, 61355 (2014)
Tailoring mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of flexible niobium carbide nanocomposite thin films