Self-assembly - Journal - Nanotechnology

1. M. Okuda, T. Schwarze, J. Eloi, S. Jones, P. Heard, A. Sarua, E. Ahmad, V. Kruglyak, D. Grundler and W. Schwarzacher
Nanotechnology 28, 155301 (2017)
Top-down design of magnonic crystals from bottom-up magnetic nanoparticles through protein arrays
This is the author's version of the paper after peer review - Copyright by the Institute of Physics and the IOP Publishing Ltd.

2. M. Okuda, J. Eloi, S. Jones, M. Verwegen, J. Cornelissen and W. Schwarzacher
Nanotechnology 27, 95605 (2016)
Pt, Co-Pt and Fe-Pt alloy nanoclusters encapsulated in virus capsids

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Nanotechnology 24, 475201 (2013)
Charge and spin transport in PEDOT:PSS nanoscale lateral devices

4. J. Alonso, T. Ondarcuhu and A. Bittner
Nanotechnology 24, 105305 (2013)
Integration of plant viruses in electron beam lithography nanostructures