Outreach activities

We believe that the role of science and technology in society has never been so important as it is today. This is why we organize and participate in many science outreach activities, events and projects, with the purpose of spreading an egalitarian scientific culture and inspire a critical society. 

It would undoubtedly be impossible to meet our commitment without you, the nanoGUNE community! Therefore, we are continuously gathering expressions of interest to participate in the Outreach activities (sign up the form below).

Outreach activities are a great opportunity to improve communication skills, especially devoted to the general public. We encourage all the community to get involved and, especially predoctoral researchers and researchers with grants that require to carry out communication and dissemination activities. Volunteers will receive a certificate of participation.

For further information or to clarify any questions, you can get in touch with nanoGUNE's Outreach Manager, Itziar Otegui. 

Outreach - Emakumeak Zientzian


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