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Bridging the gap between science and industry

The Basque Country is promoting innovation among its industry based on the Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3), where three areas have been defined as strategic: advanced manufacturing, energy, and biosciences and health. Nanotechnology has revealed itself to be a key enabling technology, able to provide more efficient and less expensive solutions for very diverse industry and service sectors.

NanoGUNE aims at working hand-in-hand with companies, bridging the gap between science and industry, in order to provide integrated innovative solutions that will lead to a greater competitiveness of our economy.

We present some of the ongoing programs and projects below. However, we believe that innovation requires open minds and flexibility, and therefore, collaboration modes are tailored to meet the companies requirements.



Seed-funding projects

NanoGUNE runs a seed-funding program as a first step for collaboration between nanoGUNE and a market-driven partner within a market-driven research framework.

nanoBusiness IDEAS program

The nanoBusiness IDEAS program consists of bringing experts from companies to work temporarily at nanoGUNE, so they can benefit from our research capabilities and we can learn about their ideas and needs.

nanoBusiness TALENT program

At nanoGUNE we are committed to training people in the field of nanotechnology and to give them a market-driven vision, as they will be the working force of highly competitive companies in the near future.

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