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Global Graphene Call, business ideas relating to graphene


CIC nanoGUNE —the Basque nanoscience research centre—, BerriUP —a startup accelerator in Donostia— and Graphenea —nanoGUNE’s first startup devoted to the production and marketing of graphene— have signed a collaboration agreement to drive forward proposals relating to research into graphene. So for the first time they are launching the Global Graphene Call designed to develop business ideas linked to graphene.


Real-time monitoring of physiological parameters

Monitoring of physiological parameters, as oxygenation, lactate and others, using a device in contact with the skin

Liquid biopsy

  • Based on plasmonics
  • Fast detection of biomarkers, as exosomes, for medical diagnostics

Ultraportable real time surface inspection

  • Analyses patient´s skin or retina using a conventional smartphone
  • Based on optical characterisation
  • High-resolution, low cost quality control App


  • Identification and distribution of individual components in cosmetic products
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Analysis of their interaction with target materials

Pharma: Drug Formulation

  • Unprecedented identification, mapping and analysis of individual active components on a drug formulation
  • Service provided as short and solution-oriented R&D project delivery
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