Corporate identity

The corporate identity or corporate image represents the way in which a corporation, firm, or business enterprise presents itself to the outside world.

The corporate identity manual of nanoGUNE defines the identity information, messages and guidelines on the use of the brand of the entity, and collects relevant information about the visual adequacy of the brand and its graphic treatment.

The brand is the visible element that identifies the Center. It represents what the Center would like to convey to the outside world. The brand integrates the symbol, the logo, and the sentence -together with its corresponding line-, thereby building a solid and easily identifiable structure that offers a professional and up- to-date image.

The symbol is the graphic formalization of a concept or idea. The set of circles in our symbol represents a simplified quantum corral, which with perspective creates depth and a sense of movement, thus making it a dynamic chromatic sign. The blue color is associated with science and technology. It is a cold and technical color.

The logo is the visual element giving name and "face" to the entity. In the case of nanoGUNE, the color division distinguishes the three words that make up the main brand, highlighting the term "nano". This is an abbreviated form of nanotechnology, directly linked to the subject matter of our activity. The term "gune" means "place" in Basque, so nanoGUNE is "place for nano". "CIC" is an acronym standing for "Centro de Investigación Cooperativa", which is "Cooperative Research Center" in Spanish. 

As it is a brand of international projection, the sentence is accompanied by a supporting sentence expressed entirely in English: MEMBER OF BASQUE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE at the bottom, and using the BRTA corporate color, a yellow line "seals" the whole brand. 

Blue, black, and yellow are the three colours that are used to represent nanoGUNE's corporate identity. Blue -the main color- represents Science. Black is used as a contrast providing greater strength, stability, and readability to all the elements that constitute the brand. The yellow color is related to the corporate image of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRTA).

Corporate identity


  • Collaboration

  • Key policies

  • Innovation Management System

  • Corporate compliance

  • Grants

  • Personal data processing

  • Calendar and timetable

  • Employees

  • Gender Equality

  • Health, taxation, and administrative procedures

  • Library

  • Life in San Sebastián

  • PhD Committee

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • Travel and reimbursements

  • Publications

  • Research fields

  • Technological surveillance

  • Calls

  • Ideas

  • Open access

  • Projects

  • Intellectual property

  • Inventions

  • Corporate identity

  • Scientific Equipment and labs

  • Cleanroom

  • Facilities use

  • Maintenance

  • Meeting rooms and laboratories

  • Health & Safety

  • IT Services

  • Purchases

  • IMS improvement