NanoGUNE establishes the guidelines of the collaborative field from the corporate strategy process, considering this activity as a key support for the achievement of the vision of the organization. These guidelines are developed with the objective of establishing alliances or collaborations with different organizations and stakeholders capable of offering synergistic benefits to nanoGUNE's activity. Through this activity, the organization can evaluate the added value of collaboration against its own collaborative capacities, fostering the optimal decision.


Key policies

Since its creation in 2006, nanoGUNE's research activity focuses not only on carrying out excellent research, but also on the transfer of knowledge and technology to its industrial environment.
The main objectives of nanoGUNE are the following:

  • To lead, support and coordinate research in nanoscience and nanotechnology in the Basque Country.
  • To promote technology transfer and the development of a nanotechnology-based Industry.
  • To support new academia curricula and high-level training of researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  • To foster networking and the creation of alliances with institutions and regions all over the world.
  • To strengthen the social use of research and the public understanding of science, including science and society issues.

You will find below the Mission, vision and core values of nanoGUNE, and the links to the main key policies.

Corporate culture

Innovation Management System

NanoGUNE's management is organized around an Innovation Management System (IMS), certified under the standard UNE 166002:2014.

A system of this nature enables organizations to be more innovative and make their innovations in products, services, processes, organizational designs or business models more successful, contributing this way to improve their results, value and competitiveness. The management policy provides a reference framework for the establishment of Research & Development & innovation objectives and includes the commitment to continual improvement of the IMS.

The Finance Director is the responsible for the IMS.

Innovation Management System


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