Calendar and timetable

Useful information about nanoGUNE calendar and timetables. Leave and trip requests must be authorised by the superior through Tasks.



Through the following links you can access to personnel management tools:


Gender Equality

Our vision is to achieve an effective gender equality within our organization, by reversing the existing structural factors that trigger inequalities and building up a working environment free of gender bias, sexist attitudes, and sexual harassment. 

Furthermore, we expect to contribute actively to the construction of a more egalitarian scientific and technological environment that incorporates the perspective of all genders, thus contributing to the development of a society were all people will have equal opportunities. 

Gender equality

Health, taxation, and administrative procedures

In this section you will find useful information on how to manage the administrative, tax, and health processes that you must carry out when joining the center.



NanoGUNE offers a large selection of books and journals to all researchers working with us. A specific software manages the loan and exchange of books and journals.


Life in San Sebastián

With the aim of making the newcomers incorporation as comfortable as possible, through this section we provide you some information about accommodation, transport and socio-cultural data of San Sebastián. In the same way, we encourage you to write to us if you have any question or you need more information.

San Sebastián

PhD Committee

The mission of nanoGUNE's PhD committee is to support and assist nanoGUNE's PhD students during their career at nanoGUNE.

Ph.D Committee


NanoGUNE is committed with fair and transparent recruitment procedures. We provide assistance with all legal issues related to the authorisation to work in Spain. We help our newcomers with a soft landing at nanoGUNE by giving them advise about all the administrative paperwork. We have in place an Outplacement service to researchers that are willing to pursue their career towards industry, and in particular, to companies in the Basque Country.



NanoGUNE is committed with the integration our Researchers in the local society. For this purpose, we offer the possibility to join Spanish and Basque language classes at different levels.


Travel and reimbursements

Business trips and conference attendance travels must be organised through the travel agency appointed by nanoGUNE. Prior authorisation by the superior is required. A reimbursement of the expenses related to the business activity at nanoGUNE could be requested.



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