Facilities use

The nanoGUNE infrastructure was envisioned to fabricate nanoscale materials and characterize their properties on the nanometer scale and with sufficiently high sensitivity. The building size is 6 200 m2, including 15 ultra-sensitive laboratories and a cleanroom of nearly 300 m2.

Gorka Arregui is the Facilities Manager.



In order to improve our services, register every incidence and help the Innovation Management System implementation (based on the standard UNE 166002:2014), please place your maintenance/facilities incidences reports through the MantTest tool. Only requests reported to this system will be attended.

Note: IT incidences will not be managed by this system.


Meeting rooms and laboratories

Through the following links you can book a meeting room and request access to laboratories and rooms.

Meeting room


NanoGUNE offers a large selection of books and journals to all researchers working with us. A specific software manages the loan and exchange of books and journals.



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