An idea is a primary form of a new concept or scientific application. It is a generic view of the solution foreseen for the problem identified as an opportunity. The ideas are generated in each research group, by any of its members by accessing to "Ideas New". The ideas are archived for consultation within the scope of each research group through "Ideas Group" according to the degree of confidentiality that the author wishes to give to the new idea. Additionally, senior researchers can access all the ideas of their research groups and all researcher can get an overview of all existing ideas at "Ideas Summary" to establish a culture that supports innovation through collaboration.


Open access

Open access is the practice of providing online access to scientific information that is free of charge to the user and is reusable.

Open access


NanoGUNE projects office is responsible for the management of research projects providing support to the research team starting from the identification of funding opportunities and the preparation of project proposals. Successful proposals are carefully monitorized throughout the life of the project until the final reporting.

Dr. Yurdana Castelruiz is the Project Manager. Ainara Azurmendi is the Project Assistant.



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