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nanoGUNE PhD Workshop 2020


The PhD researchers of nanoGUNE have organized a one-day event to celebrate the 11th anniversary of nanoGUNE. The workshop has consisted of three sessions: Spin-off inside and outside of nanoGUNE, Escape the lab, and a poster session.

New uses for an innovative coating technique


The results in brief of the EU-funded ALDing project, published at CORDIS, highlight the importance of the project to boost nanoGUNE's start-up CTECHnano.

nanoGUNE's start-up Evolgene, at Crecer+ investment forum


NanoGUNE's start-up company Evolgene will participate in the next Crecer+ investment forum, organized by Orkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness (Deusto University), together with the Basque Health Cluster and Biocrew

CIC nanoGUNE collaborates with Intel to open up the way for future computers


The Basque nanoscience research centre CIC nanoGUNE and the multinational company Intel, the world’s largest manufacturer of integrated circuits, are working together on a state-of-the-art project that seeks to develop what Intel refers to as the “MESO logic”: a new technology that combines memory, interconnections and logic requirements for future computing needs.


Real-time monitoring of physiological parameters

Monitoring of physiological parameters, as oxygenation, lactate and others, using a device in contact with the skin

Liquid biopsy

  • Based on plasmonics
  • Fast detection of biomarkers, as exosomes, for medical diagnostics

Ultraportable real time surface inspection

  • Analyses patient´s skin or retina using a conventional smartphone
  • Based on optical characterisation
  • High-resolution, low cost quality control App


  • Identification and distribution of individual components in cosmetic products
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Analysis of their interaction with target materials

Pharma: Drug Formulation

  • Unprecedented identification, mapping and analysis of individual active components on a drug formulation
  • Service provided as short and solution-oriented R&D project delivery


NanoGUNE combines world-class fundamental and applied research with technology transfer activities, aiming at working hand-in-hand with the companies in order to provide integrated innovative solutions.

We have launched different initiatives in order to bridge the gap between industry and science, boosting collaboration with local and foreign companies.

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