Journal - Journal Of Materials Chemistry A

1. A. Ray, B. Martin-Garcia, A. Martinelli, D. Spirito, F. Locardi, D. Altamura, C. Giannini, M. Prato, L. Manna and A. Abdelhady
Journal Of Materials Chemistry A 8, 17516 (2020)
Impact of local structure on halogen ion migration in layered methylammonium copper halide memory devices
This is the author's version of the paper after peer review

2. M. Freire, M. Diaz-Lopez, P. Bordet, C. Colin, O. Lebedev, N. Kosova, C. Jordy, D. Chateigner, A. Chuvilin, A. Maignan and V. Pralong
Journal Of Materials Chemistry A 6, 5156 (2018)
Investigation of the exceptional charge performance of the 0.93Li(4-x)Mn(2)O(5)-0.07Li(2)O composite cathode for Li-ion batteries

3. D. Bulushev, A. Chuvilin, V. Sobolev, S. Stolyarova, Y. Shubin, I. Asanov, A. Ishchenko, G. Magnani, M. Ricco, A. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
Journal Of Materials Chemistry A 5, 10574 (2017)
Copper on carbon materials: stabilization by nitrogen doping

4. A. Sanchez-Iglesias, J. Barroso, D. Solis, J. Taboada, F. Obelleiro, V. Pavlov, A. Chuvilin and M. Grzelczak
Journal Of Materials Chemistry A 4, 7045 (2016)
Plasmonic substrates comprising gold nanostars efficiently regenerate cofactor molecules

5. D. Wei, S. Haque, P. Andrew, J. Kivioja, T. Ryhaenen, A. Pesquera, A. Centeno, B. Alonso, A. Chuvilin and A. Zurutuza
Journal Of Materials Chemistry A 1, 3177 (2013)
Ultrathin rechargeable all-solid-state batteries based on monolayer graphene