Journal - Advanced Electronic Materials

1. J. Pawlak, W. Skowronski, P. Kuswik, M. Gajewska, F. Casanova and M. Przybylski
Advanced Electronic Materials 9, (2023)
Spin Hall Induced Magnetization Dynamics in Multiferroic Tunnel Junction
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2. S. Shi, Z. Sun, X. Liu, A. Bedoya-Pinto, P. Graziosi, H. Yu, W. Li, G. Liu, L. Hueso, V. Dediu and M. Fahlman
Advanced Electronic Materials 4, 1800077 (2018)
11,11,12,12-Tetracyanonaphtho-2,6-quinodimethane in Contact with Ferromagnetic Electrodes for Organic Spintronics

3. G. Liu, J. Chen, C. Lichtensteiger, J. Triscone, P. Aguado-Puente, J. Junquera and N. Valanoor
Advanced Electronic Materials 2, 1500288 (2016)
Positive Effect of an Internal Depolarization Field in Ultrathin Epitaxial Ferroelectric Films

4. A. Bedoya-Pinto, H. Prima-Garcia, F. Casanova, E. Coronado and L. Hueso
Advanced Electronic Materials 1, 1500065 (2015)
Spin-Polarized Hopping Transport in Magnetically Tunable Rare-Earth Quinolines