Journal - Materials Horizons

1. D. Just, A. Dzienia, K. Milowska, A. Mielanczyk and D. Janas
Materials Horizons 11, 758 (2023)
High-yield and chirality-selective isolation of single-walled carbon nanotubes using conjugated polymers and small molecular chaperones

2. S. Marina, E. Gutierrez-Fernandez, J. Gutierrez, M. Gobbi, N. Ramos, E. Solano, J. Rech, W. You, L. Hueso, A. Tercjak, H. Ade and J. Martin
Materials Horizons 9, (2021)
Semi-paracrystallinity in semi-conducting polymers

3. A. Atxabal, T. Arnold, S. Parui, E. Zuccatti, M. Cinchetti, F. Casanova, F. Ortmann and L. Hueso
Materials Horizons 6, 1663 (2019)
Molecular spectroscopy in a solid-state device