Journal - Acs Applied Electronic Materials

1. P. Yuan, S. Catalano, W. Skowronski, R. Llopis, F. Casanova and L. Hueso
Acs Applied Electronic Materials , (2024)
Tuning the Magnon Transport Properties of Y<sub>3</sub>Fe<sub>5</sub>O<sub>12</sub> with a Cobalt Phthalocyanine Molecular Layer

2. S. Ferreira-Teixeira, A. Vanstone, A. Pires, W. Branford, J. Arafijo, L. Cohen and A. Pereira
Acs Applied Electronic Materials 4, 5789 (2022)
Electronic Conduction Channels Engineered in Topological Insulator Sputtered Thin Films

3. Z. Wang, B. Uzlu, M. Shaygan, M. Otto, M. Ribeiro, E. Marin, G. Iannaccone, G. Fiori, M. Elsayed, R. Negra and D. Neumaier
Acs Applied Electronic Materials 1, 945 (2019)
Flexible One-Dimensional Metal-Insulator-Graphene Diode