Journal - Surface & Coatings Technology

1. I. Kosta, I. Garcia, A. Chuvilin, E. Medina, H. Grande and R. Tena-Zaera
Surface & Coatings Technology 374, 957 (2019)
Ionic liquid-based electrodeposition of ZnS:nano-MoS2 composite films with self-lubricating properties

2. R. Santos, A. Chuvilin, E. Modind, S. Rodrigues, S. Carvalho and M. Vieira
Surface & Coatings Technology 347, 350 (2018)
Nanoporous thin films obtained by oblique angle deposition of aluminum on porous surfaces

3. M. Aguirre, M. Goikoetxea, L. Alberto Otero, M. Paulis and J. Leiza
Surface & Coatings Technology 321, 484 (2017)
Accelerated ageing of hybrid acrylic waterborne coatings containing metal oxide nanoparticles: Effect on the microstructure