Journal - Sensors And Actuators B-Chemical

1. Y. Alvarez-Brana, J. Etxebarria-Elezgarai, L. de Larrinaga-Vicente, F. Benito-Lopez and L. Basabe-Desmonts
Sensors And Actuators B-Chemical 342, 129991 (2021)
Modular micropumps fabricated by 3D printed technologies for polymeric microfluidic device applications

2. N. Gil-Gonzalez, T. Akyazi, E. Castano, F. Benito-Lopez and M. Morant-Minana
Sensors And Actuators B-Chemical 260, 380 (2018)
Elucidating the role of the ionic liquid in the actuation behavior of thermo-responsive ionogels

3. T. Akyazi, N. Gil-Gonzalez, L. Basabe-Desmonts, E. Castano, M. Morant-Minana and F. Benito-Lopez
Sensors And Actuators B-Chemical 247, 114 (2017)
Manipulation of fluid flow direction in microfluidic paper-based analytical devices with an ionogel negative passive pump
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