Journal - Applied Catalysis B-Environmental

1. L. Bigiani, D. Barreca, A. Gasparotto, T. Andreu, J. Verbeeck, C. Sada, E. Modin, O. Lebedev, J. Morante and C. Maccato
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 284, 119684 (2021)
Selective anodes for seawater splitting via functionalization of manganese oxides by a plasma-assisted process

2. C. Chen, F. Duan, S. Zhao, W. Wang, F. Yang, W. Nuansing, B. Zhang, Y. Qin and M. Knez
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 248, 218 (2019)
Porous Fe2O3 nanotubes with alpha-gamma phase junction for enhanced charge separation and photocatalytic property produced by molecular layer deposition