Journal - Journal Of Physical Chemistry A

1. Z. Koczor-Benda, P. Roelli, C. Galland and E. Rosta
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 126, 4657 (2022)
Molecular Vibration Explorer: an Online Database and Toolbox for Surface-Enhanced Frequency Conversion and Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy

2. F. da Silva, T. Cunha, A. Rebelo, A. Gil, M. Calhorda, G. Garcia, O. Ingolfsson and P. Limao-Vieira
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 125, 2324 (2021)
Electron-Transfer-Induced Side-Chain Cleavage in Tryptophan Facilitated through Potassium-Induced Transition-State Stabilization in the Gas Phase