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Environmental Scanning-electron Microscope (eSEM-FEI Quanta 250)

Environmental Scanning-electron photograph

ESEM provides access to studies of wet biological samples, nano-bio composites and nano-fluidic phenomena. Studies of real-time redox chemistry involving nano-objects and the imaging of fluids under microfluidic conditions are some of the topics, in which the ESEM is playing a key role.

Offered as External Service
  • High tension 0.5 kV – 30 kV
  • Schottky field emitter gun
  • Electron beam resolution 2.5 nm at 30 kV (BSE, high vacuum)
  • Electron beam resolution 1 nm at 30 kV (SE, high vacuum)
  • Working chamber pressure (H2O or auxiliary gas) 10-4 Pa – 4000 Pa
  • EDX silicon drift detector (EDAX)
  • Detectors: ETD SE detector, BS Si detector (BSE), Large Field Gaseous, SE detector (LFD), Gaseous SE detector (GSED), Gaseous BS detector (GBSD)
  • Peltier stage (-25 °C − +55 °C)
  • Nanomanipulator with microinjection (Kleindiek)
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Automotive industry
Building and construction industry
Food industry
Microelectronics and semiconductor industry
Renewable energy
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