Journal - Nature Communications

1. S. Chen, A. Bylinkin, Z. Wang, M. Schnell, G. Chandan, P. Li, A. Nikitin, S. Law and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 13, 1374 (2022)
Real-space nanoimaging of THz polaritons in the topological insulator Bi2Se3
Open Access

2. C. Safeer, M. Nsibi, J. Nath, M. Gabor, H. Yang, I. Joumard, S. Auffret, G. Gaudin and I. Miron
Nature Communications 13, 1192 (2022)
Effect of Chiral Damping on the dynamics of chiral domain walls and skyrmions
Open Access

3. S. Susarla, P. Garcia-Fernandez, C. Ophus, S. Das, P. Aguado-Puente, M. McCarter, P. Ercius, L. Martin, R. Ramesh and J. Junquera
Nature Communications 12, 6273 (2021)
Atomic scale crystal field mapping of polar vortices in oxide superlattices
Open Access

4. M. Barra-Burillo, U. Muniain, S. Catalano, M. Autore, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, J. Aizpurua, R. Esteban and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 12, 6206 (2021)
Microcavity phonon polaritons from the weak to the ultrastrong phonon-photon coupling regime
Open Access

5. J. Li, S. Sanz, N. Merino-Diez, M. Vilas-Varela, A. Garcia-Lekue, M. Corso, D. de Oteyza, T. Frederiksen, D. Pena and J.I. Pascual
Nature Communications 12, 5538 (2021)
Topological phase transition in chiral graphene nanoribbons: from edge bands to end states
Open Access

6. J. Duan, G. Alvarez-Perez, A. Tresguerres-Mata, J. Taboada-Gutierrez, K. Voronin, A. Bylinkin, B. Chang, S. Xiao, S. Liu, J. Edgar, J. Martin, V. Volkov, R. Hillenbrand, J. Martin-Sanchez, A. Nikitin and P. Alonso-Gonzalez
Nature Communications 12, 4325 (2021)
Planar refraction and lensing of highly confined polaritons in anisotropic media
Open Access

7. G. Ermolaev, D. Grudinin, Y. Stebunov, K. Voronin, V. Kravets, J. Duan, A. Mazitov, G. Tselikov, A. Bylinkin, D. Yakubovsky, S. Novikov, D. Baranov, A. Nikitin, I. Kruglov, T. Shegai, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, A. Grigorenko, A. Arsenin, K. Novoselov and V. Volkov
Nature Communications 12, 854 (2021)
Giant optical anisotropy in transition metal dichalcogenides for next-generation photonics
Open Access

8. S. Castilla, I. Vangelidis, V. Pusapati, J. Goldstein, M. Autore, T. Slipchenko, K. Rajendran, S. Kim, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, L. Martin-Moreno, D. Englund, K. Tielrooij, R. Hillenbrand, E. Lidorikis and F. Koppens
Nature Communications 11, 4872 (2020)
Plasmonic antenna coupling to hyperbolic phonon-polaritons for sensitive and fast mid-infrared photodetection with graphene
Open Access

9. M. Gobbi, A. Galanti, M. Stoeckel, B. Zyska, S. Bonacchi, S. Hecht and P. Samori
Nature Communications 11, 4731 (2020)
Graphene transistors for real-time monitoring molecular self-assembly dynamics
Open Access

10. P. Li, G. Hu, I. Dolado, M. Tymchenko, C. Qiu, F. Javier Alfaro-Mozaz, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, S. Liu, J. Edgar, S. Velez, A. Alu and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 11, 3663 (2020)
Collective near-field coupling and nonlocal phenomena in infrared-phononic metasurfaces for nano-light canalization
Open Access

11. L. Mester, A. Govyadinov, S. Chen, M. Goikoetxea and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 11, 3359 (2020)
Subsurface chemical nanoidentification by nano-FTIR spectroscopy
Open Access

12. D. Pesquera, E. Khestanova, M. Ghidini, S. Zhang, A. Rooney, F. Maccherozzi, P. Riego, S. Farokhipoor, J. Kim, X. Moya, M. Vickers, N. Stelmashenko, S. Haigh, S. Dhesi and N. Mathur
Nature Communications 11, 3190 (2020)
Large magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic oxide heterostructures assembled via epitaxial lift-off
Open Access

13. N. Bachellier, B. Verlhac, L. Garnier, J. Zaldivar, C. Rubio, P. Abufager, M. Ormaza, D.-J. Choi, M.-L. Bocquet, J.I. Pascual, N. Lorente and L. Limot
Nature Communications 11, 1619 (2020)
Vibron-assisted spin excitation in a magnetically anisotropic molecule
Open Access

14. J. Li, J. Pelliciari, C. Mazzoli, S. Catalano, F. Simmons, J. Sadowski, A. Levitan, M. Gibert, E. Carlson, J. Triscone, S. Wilkins and R. Comin
Nature Communications 10, 4568 (2019)
Scale-invariant magnetic textures in the strongly correlated oxide NdNiO3
Open Access

15. P. Pons-Valencia, F. Alfaro-Mozaz, M. Wiecha, V. Biolek, I. Dolado, S. Velez, P. Li, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, L. Martin-Moreno, R. Hillenbrand and A. Nikitin
Nature Communications 10, 3242 (2019)
Launching of hyperbolic phonon-polaritons in h-BN slabs by resonant metal plasmonic antennas
Open Access

16. M. Moro-Lagares, R. Korytar, M. Piantek, R. Robles, N. Lorente, J.I. Pascual, M. Ricardo Ibarra and D. Serrate
Nature Communications 10, 2211 (2019)
Real space manifestations of coherent screening in atomic scale Kondo lattices
Open Access

17. A. Atxabal, T. Arnold, S. Parui, S. Hutsch, E. Zuccatti, R. Llopis, M. Cinchetti, F. Casanova, F. Ortmann and L. Hueso
Nature Communications 10, 2089 (2019)
Tuning the charge flow between Marcus regimes in an organic thin-film device
Open Access

18. J. Li, S. Sanz, M. Corso, D. Choi, D. Pena, T. Frederiksen and J.I. Pascual
Nature Communications 10, 200 (2019)
Single spin localization and manipulation in graphene open-shell nanostructures
Open Access

19. F. Alfaro-Mozaz, S. Rodrigo, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, S. Velez, I. Dolado, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, L. Martin-Moreno, R. Hillenbrand and A. Nikitin
Nature Communications 10, 42 (2019)
Deeply subwavelength phonon-polaritonic crystal made of a van der Waals material
Open Access

20. B. Sarac, Y. Ivanov, A. Chuvilin, T. Schoeberl, M. Stoica, Z. Zhang and J. Eckert
Nature Communications 9, 3761 (2018)
Origin of large plasticity and multiscale effects in iron-based metallic glasses (vol 9, 1333, 2018)

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Nature Communications 9, 2978 (2018)
Stabilization of three-dimensional charge order in YBa2Cu3O6+x via epitaxial growth
Open Access

22. A. Alonso-Caballero, J. Schonfelder, S. Poly, F. Corsetti, D. De Sancho, E. Artacho and R. Perez-Jimenez
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Mechanical architecture and folding of E. coli type 1 pilus domains
Open Access

23. B. Sarac, Y. Ivanov, A. Chuvilin, T. Schoeberl, M. Stoica, Z. Zhang and J. Eckert
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Origin of large plasticity and multiscale effects in iron-based metallic glasses

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Nature Communications 8, 2198 (2017)
Scale-invariant large nonlocality in polycrystalline graphene
Open Access

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Nature Communications 8, 661 (2017)
Large room temperature spin-to-charge conversion signals in a few-layer graphene/Pt lateral heterostructure
Open Access

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Nature Communications 8, 95 (2017)
Probing low-energy hyperbolic polaritons in van der Waals crystals with an electron microscope
Open Access

27. F.J. Alfaro-Mozaz, P. Alonso-Gonzalez, S. Velez, I. Dolado, M. Autore, S. Mastel, F. Casanova, L. Hueso, P. Li, A. Nikitin and R. Hillenbrand
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Nanoimaging of resonating hyperbolic polaritons in linear boron nitride antennas
Open Access

28. D. Choi, C. Rubio-Verdu, J. de Bruijckere, M. Ugeda, N. Lorente and J.I. Pascual
Nature Communications 8, 15175 (2017)
Mapping the orbital structure of impurity bound states in a superconductor
Open Access

29. J. Poumirol, P. Liu, T. Slipchenko, A. Nikitin, L. Martin-Moreno, J. Faist and A. Kuzmenko
Nature Communications 8, 14626 (2017)
Electrically controlled terahertz magneto-optical phenomena in continuous and patterned graphene
Open Access

30. I. Amenabar, S. Poly, M. Goikoetxea, W. Nuansing, P. Lasch and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 8, 14402 (2017)
Hyperspectral infrared nanoimaging of organic samples based on Fourier transform infrared nanospectroscopy
Open Access

31. A. Atxabal, M. Ribeiro, S. Parui, L. Urreta, E. Sagasta, X. Sun, R. Llopis, F. Casanova and L. Hueso
Nature Communications 7, 13751 (2016)
Spin doping using transition metal phthalocyanine molecules
Open Access

32. W. Yan, O. Txoperena, R. Llopis, H. Dery, L. Hueso and F. Casanova
Nature Communications 7, 13372 (2016)
A two-dimensional spin field-effect switch
Open Access

33. V. Uhlir, J.A. Arregi and E. Fullerton
Nature Communications 7, 13113 (2016)
Colossal magnetic phase transition asymmetry in mesoscale FeRh stripes
Open Access

34. A.B. Khanikaev, N. Arju, Z. Fan, D. Purtseladze, F. Lu, J. Lee, P. Sarriugarte, M. Schnell, R. Hillenbrand, M.A. Belkin and G. Shvets
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Experimental demonstration of the microscopic origin of circular dichroism in two-dimensional metamaterials
Open Access

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A simple two-state protein unfolds mechanically via multiple heterogeneous pathways at single-molecule resolution
Open Access

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Near-field photocurrent nanoscopy on bare and encapsulated graphene
Open Access

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Magnetic anisotropy in Shiba bound states across a quantum phase transition

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Ultrasensitive and label-free molecular-level detection enabled by light phase control in magnetoplasmonic nanoantennas
Open Access

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Determination of energy level alignment at metal/molecule interfaces by in-device electrical spectroscopy
Open Access

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Nature Communications 5, 3499 (2014)
Synthetic optical holography for rapid nanoimaging
Open Access

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Structural analysis and mapping of individual protein complexes by infrared nanospectroscopy
Open Access

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Room-temperature air-stable spin transport in bathocuproine-based spin valves
Open Access

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Correlative infrared-electron nanoscopy reveals the local structure-conductivity relationship in zinc oxide nanowires
Open Access

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Nature Communications 3, 684 (2012)
Resolving the electromagnetic mechanism of surface-enhanced light scattering at single hot spots
Open Access