Journal - Chemistry of Materials

1. S. Bellani, L. Najafi, M. Prato, R. Oropesa-Nunez, B. Martin-Garcia, L. Gagliani, E. Mantero, L. Marasco, G. Bianca, M. Zappia, C. Demirci, S. Olivotto, G. Mariucci, V. Pellegrini, M. Schiavetti and F. Bonaccorso
Chemistry of Materials 33, 4106 (2021)
Graphene-Based Electrodes in a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Produced by Rapid Low-Pressure Combined Gas Plasma Treatments

2. K. Ashurbekova, K. Ashurbekova, I. Saric, M. Gobbi, E. Modin, A. Chuvilin, M. Petravic, I. Abdulagatov and M. Knez
Chemistry of Materials 33, 1022 (2021)
Ultrathin Hybrid SiAlCOH Dielectric Films through Ring-Opening Molecular Layer Deposition of Cyclic Tetrasiloxane

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Chemistry of Materials 29, 10068 (2017)
Suppressing the Thermal and Ultraviolet Sensitivity of Kevlar by Infiltration and Hybridization with ZnO
PDF -Suppressing the Thermal and Ultraviolet Sensitivity of Kevlar by Infiltration and Hybridization with ZnO This document is the unedited Author’s version of a Submitted Work that was subsequently accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials, copyright © American Chemical Society after peer review.

4. A. Lopez-Ortega, E. Lottini, G. Bertoni, C. Fernandez and C. Sangregorio
Chemistry of Materials 29, 7629 (2017)
Topotaxial Phase Transformation in Cobalt Doped Iron Oxide Core/Shell Hard Magnetic Nanoparticles (vol 29, pg 1279, 2017)

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Chemistry of Materials 28, 8025 (2016)
Galvanic Replacement onto Complex Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles: Impact of Water or Other Oxidizers in the Formation of either Fully Dense Onion-like or Multicomponent Hollow MnOx/FeOx Structures

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Chemistry of Materials 27, 181 (2015)
Tuning the Tensile Strength of Cellulose through Vapor-Phase Metalation

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Chemistry of Materials 25, 1055 (2013)
Colloidal Ordered Assemblies in a Polymer Shell-A Novel Type of Magnetic Nanobeads for Theranostic Applications

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Stability of Fluorinated Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Produced by Different Fluorination Techniques

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Influence of ionic liquids on the electrical conductivity and morphology of PEDOT : PSS films