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Apply for a Basque PhD grant with nanoGUNE


NanoGUNE, located at the Ibaeta Campus of the UPV/EHU in Donostia – San Sebastián, offers PhD opportunities to graduates in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, and related areas to get their PhD degree.

La Caixa fellowships program for Postdocs and predocs


NanoGUNE is searching for outstanding early-stage and junior researchers interested in applying for a research fellowship within the "La Caixa" funding programs. The JuniorLeader program call for postdoctoral researchers is now open, and the INPhINIT program call for predoctoral students will be open soon.

Summer Internship Program: call open until 5 February


Would you like to do an internship over the summer? We have a great option for you!



News from self-assembly are continued on twitter.com/bittner_ass

Paper on multifrequency AFM


We wrapped up our investigation of the surface structure of TMV: "Multifrequency Force Microscopy of Helical Protein Assembly on a Virus"

New paper Okuda


Preparation of nanocrystalline zinc-substituted hydroxyapatite films and their biological properties

Welcome Franziska!


New group member: Franziska Günl

Calò-Eiben-Okuda-Bittner paper: Nanoscale device architectures


Nanoscale device architectures derived from biological assemblies: The case of tobacco mosaic virus and (apo)ferritin

New Okuda paper


Pt and Pt based alloy nanoclusters in cowpea chlorotic mottle virus


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